March 12,  2019  - April 15, 2020

Tripleupa, Grande Burritos


The Triplelupa is three miniature Chalupas baked together to become a super-lupa. This item containts beef, lettuce, tomatoes, and shredded cheese. On 1 part is nacho cheese, on the opposite end is chipotle sauce, and then both come together in the center third. This item originally tested November 2018 and once again February 2019.

Taco Bell kicked off 2019 with two $1 Grande Burritos; flavored as Three Cheese Nacho and Chicken Enchilada. This time around the two version are Loaded Taco and Chipotle Chicken, both tested in May 2019.

Nutrition and Ingredients:

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Also there are NEW Toasted Breakfast Burritos; Hash Brown Toasted Burritos ($1.99), and Grande Toasted burritos($2.79) during breakfast hours.


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