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French Fries at Taco Bell?!

Currently fries are not offered at Taco Bell locations in the United States, however locations in Canada and other countries have been serving them for years. Is the U.S.A. a more competitive fry market or do consumer here just not want those while eating their Mexican-American meal?

This may all soon change. We first heard rumors of Taco Bell introducing fries into the United States in December of 2016. Then again in April of this year more pictures break of nacho fries being tested in the states. Most recently, 13 hours ago on Reddit a user named /u/megawilsonball posted a video to r/TacoBell of the french fries they picked up at a Taco Bell in Wheelersburg, Ohio.

"..they didnt taste overwelmingly good or bad...I wouldnt go out of my way to find them again." - /u/megawilsonball

Taco Bell has seen success in these fries and it sounds like they are ready to bring them home. They are currently being tested in California, West Virginia, Ohio, and possibly other unreported states. We hope to see him nationwide very soon!

Photo via Brand Eating

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