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FIRECRACKER BURRITTO at Taco Bell! Pop-rock Topping

Just three days ago a consumer on Reddit by the name of Elbore posted to the Taco bell subreddit a very funky looking new item. With over 600 views and counting this item has intrigued many fellow "redditors".

Read more below.

This new test item put out by Taco Bell is sold at a location in Santa Ana, California. The insides remind us of a beefy frito burrito but with red strips instead of fritos and of course a new tortilla shell and "cayenne popping crystals". We may even dare to say it's very similar to a beefy crunch burrito just without sour cream, and with red strips instead of flaming hot fritos*. It also appears that you can also get it with or without the pop rocks

The burrito as Elbore describes;

"Tortilla was red, looked like it had been marinated at some point or maybe they come that way. It was late, the location didnt even say it was open, and the item was on a lawn sign and not on the menu itself so i just ordered it. There was also a spicy version which apparently "only" adds chipotle sauce that i don't recall ever trying. Mine was the cheesy type so it had i assume nacho cheese, beef, lots of rice, some red strips, and a packet of these "poppers" which taste sweet and crackle just like pop rocks. i was very confused by the whole thing but it was only $1.49."

Another user who commented on this post recollected having something similar when they visited the Taco Bell test kitchen;

"They served us [Sweet and Spicy] Pop Rocks to put on chips and dip at the Taco Bell Test Kitchen. I thought it was just for fun." - /u/the-solar-sailer

We don't know yet if this burrito will make it into the national spotlight but we are sure of it being a HOT item if it does.

*The author tells us these are red strips but there is a possibility of it being the fritos if they want this item to be really hot.

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