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2017 Top 50 Taco Bell Items - VOTE NOW

There comes a time in life where you must decide between a cheesy gordita crunch and a crunchwrap supreme, and that time is now. It is time to rank all current and past Taco Bell items and find the true fan favorites.

Today is the day is being launched to the public! With the launch comes this vote to figure out what some of the most popular and beloved items are (or were). Whether you take 5 minutes or 5 days to make this list, we want to hear your true opinion. Visit the "2017 Top 50 Items" page on our website by clicking here. Fill out the contact for ranking your top 50 items, #1 item being the very best. If you can't think of that many items, we provide 2 sources to find lists of past and current items to help refresh your memory. Still can't rank 50? We only require the list to be 25 items long. We hope you can get at least that far.

Submission start today, August 26, 2017. The final votes can be cast on September 9. After we tally the votes we will release another post with the top items and post them to the website as well.

Please share so we can maximize the input from Taco Bell fans around the country and find out what you all like the best.

May the best item win!

Vote HERE!

Update 9/6/17: Vote has been temporarily disabled while we seek an improved method of counting votes and making an accurate list of the top items. We will re-run this event soon.

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