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BIG Taco Bell LEAK

All of the 2018 experiences at Taco Bell have been leaked and sources say Taco Bell is not happy about it. At around 8:30pm last night (11/7/17) a Reddit user by the name of patspencdavis posted on the Taco Bell subreddit this picture lining up all 10 experiences of 2018:

u/patspencdavis's post read as follows,

"Just got back from a managers meeting. They showed us this slide for the 2018 promotions, but the slide wasn’t up for long. Sorry for the bad pic and incomplete list. Your thoughts?

2018 Experiences

E1: $1 Stacker E2: Fries E3: Naked Chicken Chalupa [edit] E4: Queso Beef Burrito [edit] E5: Triple Double E6: Firecracker Burrito E7: Double Stacked Taco [edit] E8: Quesalupa E9: Xbox Giveaway E10: Loaded Fries Burrito"

This is a big reveal that we haven't seen before. Taco Bell went ahead and shown the current plan for 2018. Of course nothing is set in stone, but this is a good indicator of what they are planning. Another source reminds us that at this time last year a user from the same site listed what he saw for the calendar year and the further out the items were, the more incorrect they were. As Taco Bell continues to test items, the experiences could always change.

For now we see 5 new items and 5 comeback items. We went ahead and laid out each experience with details on our Upcoming/Testing LTO's page. For now we list them all as confirmed but as leaks and test items are revealed throughout the year, these may change.

For now we thank u/patspencdavis for a sneak peek as to what is to come in 2018 and we look forward to the next adventure for Taco Bell.

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