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Thank You

This post isn't sharing any news, it's just here to thank all visitors for coming to site.

Launching the end of August, just 3 months later we have passed 5,000 page visitors. 27 email subscribers, and a small and slowly growing social media presence.

As far as our Grilled Stuft Nacho Movement goes we are halfway to our first goal of 100 signatures on our petition. So far it doesn't look like Taco Bell has that in their sights for 2018 but we will continue pushing.

Updates on the page:

- We will continue to post every 3 days (sometimes 4, because this is a hobby and not a full time job so I get side-tracked sometimes)

- We will continue to use the word "we" even though it's mostly 1 person that works on this site

- The recently added Chili Cheese locator was a great addition that we've had positive reactions on so far

- The "Upcoming/Testing LTO's" tab will soon feature all the tested items in 2016 and 2015 and not just one for each year. Expect that complete by the end of the year

- "Cantina Locations" has been updated under the "Fan Interaction" tab. There are definitely locations out there we don't have in the system yet so if we're missing any, don't be afraid to use the contact page

- We are always open to suggestions and love hearing feedback so once again, don't be afraid to contact us. This site is meant to be for the fans with any information you could ever need so if any type of page needs to be added, it's definitely something that can be looked into.

Thanks for visiting this site whether this is your first time or your 50th!

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