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What's the BEST Taco Bell item? A Complete Survey.

What is really the best item at Taco Bell? You may get a lot of the same answers to this question but there'll be a bit of variety. Is it the Cheesy Gordita Crunch? Is it the Quesarito? Is it the Beefy Crunch Burrito? What is the second best? Third? This question has been attempted to be answered by a few news outlets based on the opinion of an author:

We want a vote from the consumer on what people actually believe is the best. And not only a singular item. We are curious about the best Dollar Menu items, the best Breakfast items, and even your favorite sauce packets! This is why, with the help of Bell is Life (@bell_islife on Instagram), we have created a survey to be taken by YOU the fan to tell US what you LOVE.

This survey asks demographical and opinionated questions to let us know who is eating Taco Bell and what they love so much about it. Please take the 5-7 minutes to complete our survey and then share it online. Our goal is 3,000 responses in the 2 weeks we will be hosting. Then in January we will release all the results right here on this website. (Make sure to subscribe by email to know when they are released)

In addition to the pride and sense of accomplishment you'll get from completing the survey, one random person will win a SOLD OUT Taco Bell Anorak Jacket (or choice of $25 Gift Card) as pictured below:

Model wearing the coolest jacket known to Man

You can click here to go directly to the survey, or type in

When finished with the survey, if you enter in your email you'll have two(2) entries into the giveaway. For a bonus entry see below the survey.


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