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Three new Cantina's: Taco Bell fulfilling their promise

Taco Bell announced in September they would open 300+ new Cantina locations by the year 2022 and we're already seeing that fall into place. We've had several open since that statement and more to come! (See all locations on our website) There are three specific ones just announced planned for the next couple months that I'll highlight for you today:

1.) Madison, WI

This will be the first Taco Bell Cantina in Wisconsin, with the closest one being in Chicago, IL (where the first one opened in 2015). The last known opening date would be sometime this month.

"The Taco Bell Cantina moving into 534 State St. will be allowed to sell beer and wine until 10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and until 11 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, following the Council’s approval Tuesday."

....which was indeed approved on that Tuesday. You can read the full article by The Cap Times' here.

2.) Gainesville, FL

This will be the first Taco Bell Cantina in Florida, with the closest one being in Arkansas (not a quick trip). This location is scheduled to open in January without alcohol, which will be added in on a later date.

"Taco Bell, the leading Tex-Mex fast food chain, is opening up a “cantina-style” restaurant at 1404 W. University Ave. in January, the first of its kind in Florida, said Kayla Lampp, restaurant general manager."

You can read the full article by The Gainesville Sun here.

3.) Newport Beach, CA

The first on our list not to be the first in it's state. California will see a large amount of these 300+ new Cantina locations (along with many large cities on the east coast). This location is set to open some time this month.

"The hipper, more upscale concept that the Irvine-based fast food giant announced this year was coming to the Newport Pier area is expected to open this month at 2121 W. Balboa Blvd., according to the city of Newport Beach."

You can read the full article by The Los Angeles Times here.

This is just the start of this massive shift in restaurants for Taco Bell. To hit that goal of 300+ Cantina locations they'll have to open 6-7 a month between now and 2022. I imagine we'll see this pace throughout 2018 and soon enough no one will have to drive too far to visit these special locations.

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