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We are heading into the final week of our survey we're hosting to find the fan-voted favorite Taco Bell items, as well as many other things. We've had an awesome first week with over 1,000 of you visiting our survey!

This will be the last week to enter in if you haven't already. The end date will be Thursday, December 21. We will then gather our information and post publically in January the complete results. Winner of the Taco Bell Anorak Jacket/Taco Bell Gift Card will be notified after the survey is complete the last week of the month.

Here are some halfway demographic results:

62% out of 1,039 are between the ages 20-29.

75% single and 20% married.

Ethnicity: 87% White, 10% Asian, all other races under 5%.

Gender: 79% Male, 18% Female, 3% other

Our top 3 states are California (10%), Illinois (6%), and Texas (6%)

(Maine and Delaware are the only states with 0 responses, so if you know anyone from those states, you know where to link them)

41% of respondents said they eat fast food between 3-6 times per month while 32% said they eat fast food 9+ times per month.


This paints a picture of over 1000 responses of Taco Bell fans across the country. Full results on demographics as well as the TOP Taco Bell items will be released next month.

As far as impact on this site goes, with help of the promotion of the survey we hit 6,000 total all-time visitors on December 8th. Average time on the website is at an all-time high at 3:32 per visit. And in the past week, 67% of you have used your phone to check out the Living Más website vs. 31% of you on your desktop (And 2% on tablets). Thank you!

Please share the survey with all your friends on social media, the more responses we get the more accurate the results will be. And remember, one random survey taker will win their choice of a SOLD OUT Taco Bell Anorak Jacket or a $25 Taco Bell gift card. Thank you all for taking your time to do so!

Link to survey:

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