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2018 Living Más Site Updates

Hey all! It's a new year that means new updates. Every single day I work on updated the pages both for desktop and mobile trying to constantly change and improve. These are a few of the main things I wanted to get done and now have to specifically share with you all. Much more to come in 2018!

1. LTO Archive

In the updated LTO archive, I have seperated the years a little more to make it easier to read as well as added a new column to share which experience the items came out in as well as dates of each release from 2016 onward. You can now magnify the images and there is still a PDF icon to view or download the chart in better quality. Click here to view this page.

2. Testing items from 2016 and Before

In the updated Upcoming/Testing LTO page I have finally completed 2015 and 2016 testing items as well as having 2017. Now you can view all items Taco Bell has tested in the past few year. These list info about the item, prices, if they ever went nationwide, and my source so you can view more information on that item and with most you can see pictures at the source. Click here to view this page.

3. Franchise Information

In the BRAND NEW Franchise Information page you can view some of the companies that make Taco Bell what it is! Franchises are a bg part of Taco Bell and they continue to grow as corporate locations shrink. Go here to learn about the big companies that your Taco Bell may be owned by. Click here to view this page.

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