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Taco Bell's New Website

Taco Bell has now released it's brand new website nationwide. And by brand new website, it's more of a re-design with a few extra features. Taco Bell's goal with the new website design is to give a better online experience to the customers.

The website has been given a complete facelift to match the most recent Taco Bell store designs and logo. This is being met with new exclusive offers and the ability to track your online order and schedule a pick up time for your food. Taco Bell outlines each of its changes on their website here.

We hope that this new website will also bring a new update to Taco Bell's mobile app, which has not been updated since June 2017. The Taco Bell app used to be a place to sign in and get exclusive offers as well as being able to order food on the go. Today the app is difficult to use being filled with errors and there hasn't been an offer in months. Taco Bell's new website shows images of people using their phones to order so we will take that as a sign for a positive future. Keep your eyes peeled for an update.

Below are some screenshots from the new site but we highly suggest visiting Ta.Co yourself and trying all the new features!

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