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Nacho Fries' Record Sales & Taco Bell Extending Education Program to All Employees

Taco Bell Innovates Again With Nacho Fries

"Nacho Fries, which have now been labeled Taco Bell’s most successful new product launch in its history, appear to have hit home with American consumers. Driving appeal through both indulgence and value, this $1 craveable side makes it easy for consumers to add on to any meal and build strong trial. Quality potatoes continue to be a staple in the diet of many consumers. Good supply and availability create a low risk and attractive margin for operators. Adding a spicy seasoning and a dipping sauce makes this a strong target for kids and a product that can easily be consumed in the car, hot out of the bag."

Read the full article here.

Taco Bell Extends Education Program to All 210,000 Employees

"Employee retention is a problem plaguing restaurant chains in every corner of the industry. With the U.S. employment rate a touch over 4 percent, minimum wage hikes, and the accelerating turnover rates for hourly employees (TDn2K’s People Report recorded another increase in the 12-month rolling turnover rate in January) it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find quality help, let alone retain those high performers. But as TDn2K pointed out, “As restaurants compete for kitchen talent they will have to look to their compensation plans as part of the strategy.”

This has been evident, especially in recent months as companies report savings from recent tax reform. Starbucks, for example, said it would pour more than $250 million into a benefits package for employees that would include everything from paid sick time to stock and wage improvements."

Read the full article here.

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