• tacobellblake

The Best Taco Bell Is on the Beach

"FOR 35 YEARS I lived a Taco Bell-free existence. Fine, I will own up to having a single order of churros once when I was a kid, but other than that experience in the foggy past Taco Bell was, in terms of flavor at least, a complete mystery to me. For me, the biggest mystery has always been not “what is Taco Bell all about?” but “why does everyone I know who eats Taco Bell feel the need to immediately try to defend that decision,” as if they were caught listening to Nickelback.

I can’t say I’m any closer to the truth—it’s perfectly fine fast food y’all—but I do know this much: maybe people wouldn’t be so embarrassed if more Taco Bells were situated in interesting locations. For example, I don’t think anyone would have to explain why they were going on a Taco Bell run if their local Taco Bell was on the beach. No, not at the beach—I mean literally right next to the sand."

Read the full story by Cory Garcia here.