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Taco Bell Launched Wedding Accessories & You're Going To Want Them All Immediately

"Last week Taco Bell already shook the collective internet with the announcement that its famous Nacho Fries were making a triumphant return to menus; but friends, it isn't just Taco Bells you are hearing in the summer air, but wedding bells. Taco Bell has launched wedding accessories, and every single one of them is so iconic that I don't care what phase of your life you're in or what your taco proclivities are — you need them all, stat. Single? Buy yourself a Taco Bell garter. Engaged? Surprise, your whole wedding is Taco Bell-themed now, according to the law. Already married? Get ready to do it all over again, because now that there's Taco Bell wedding merch, every marriage that came before it is officially void and needs to be recommitted in the shadow of the all supreme Dollar Cravings menu.

Likely this isn't the first time you've read the words "Taco Bell" and "wedding" in a sentence. The flagship Taco Bell Cantina Restaurant in Las Vegas has been offering wedding services for over a year now, each of which comes in a package including wedding swag, a reception area, a sauce packet bouquet, a Cinnabon Delights wedding cake, and a Taco Bell as your literal chapel. Sure, up until recently you could only have 15 guests, but the package also comes with 12 tacos and your second cousins can't really compete with that, am I right?"

Read the full article by Emma Lord here.

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