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An inside look at Taco Bell’s digital transformation to deliver an enhanced customer experience

"Taco Bell's digital journey boasts a clever and concise name: All Access. But its definition and reach defy its moniker as it's about giving guests at its 6,875 restaurants an all-access pass to the brand.

That's because Taco Bell is very aware of how entrenched digital is becoming in the consumer's lifestyle — from booking flights, to using kiosks for hotel check-in, to tapping apps for hailing a cab and ordering up every and anything needed in life, from food to household sundries.

"It didn't happen over night but it also didn't happen that long ago. All those industries [airlines, taxis, hotels, retail] have been disrupted and have had to innovate to survive and meet the changing customer expectation," said Rafik Hanna, senior director of Taco Bell's All Access in a keynote presentation at the recent ICX Summit in Dallas."

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