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We're giving away BELLUMINATI Merch on Twitter

Earlier this year Taco Bell used the 'Belluminati' campaign to promote their new $1 products coming out throughout the year.

During this they put weekly puzzles out for those to answer and if you got them right you would be able to buy Belluminati merchandise for only $1. As the prizes got better the puzzles got harder and there was less stock or each item so it was first come first serve.

We saved up some extras to giveaway to you guys while promoting our Twitter page. Here are some photos of the package we are giving away, all still sealing in wrap in their boxes:

Entering the giveaway is simple:

1.) Sign in to Twitter

2.) Go to our page

3.) Retweet this Tweet

On July 11 one retweet will be randomly selected for the grand prize! To see more as well as the Terms and Conditions visit our site page here.

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