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Taco Bell Cantinas Are Expanding — Here's Where The Newest Ones Are About To Open

"Are you a fan of Taco Bell, but feel like visiting one is just not a classy enough experience? OK, so there probably aren't a lot of people who would answer "yes" to that question — Taco Bell being decidedly not classy is kind of the point — but that isn't stopping new Taco Bell Cantinas from opening up around the country. At these new restaurants, Taco Bell fans can order their 7-Layer Burritos in style. Oh, and there's alcohol, too.

Taco Bell Cantinas have already started opening around the country, but on Aug. 2, the fast food chain announced plans for a whole bunch more. Three Cantinas will be opening in Manhattan this year, in addition to the six that already exist in New York City. Sixteen Cantinas have opened across the country in the past year with more planned for Madison, Wisconsin; Brooklyn, New York; Boulder, Colorado; Hollywood, California; and Chicago, Illinois."

Read the full article by Lia Beck here.

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