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What We Know about Experience 8

Taco Bell typically comes out with 10 "Experiences" every year. Each one holds new items or changes to the menu. The current Experience (E7) is the Nacho Fries and the continuation of the $5 Steak Nachos Box. Your last day to try your hand at the $5 SteakNachos Box will be this Wednesday because Thursday will begin Experience 8 (E8).

So What's Staying and What's Going?

- The Nacho Fries will stay on Taco Bell's menu all the way up to the next Experience, set to release in September.

- The Steak Nachos Box will be going away.

- The Watermelon Freeze will be going away.

Changes to Taco Bell's POS System (will mainly affect employees)

Items Deleted from the POS - Taco Bell's Suggestions to Still Ring Them Up

1. Doritos Cheesy Gordita Crunch - Cheesy Gordita Crunch, Sub Shell

2. Taco Salad w/ Chicken - Taco Salad, Sub protein

3. Taco Salad w/ Steak - Taco Salad, Sub Protein

4. Combo Burrito - Bean Burrito, Add 2x Beef

5. Cheesy Potato Burrito - Loaded Potato Griller, Add beef

6. Beef Burrito - Bean Burrito, Sub 2x Beef

New Items in E8

- The Caramel Apple Freeze will replace the Watermelon Freeze

- The Double Cheesy Gordita Crunch releases. This item similar to the regular CGC except there will also be beef between the Gordita shell and the Taco shell along with the 3 cheese blend. These are expected to be $3.49 each and there will be a $5 Box that includes the DCGC, 2 regular tacos, and a medium drink.

- The Breakfast Stacker returns during this promo. $2 for the Steak version and $1.49 for beef or chicken.

This Experience begins August 16 and will end September 12, 2018.

To learn more about the past, current, or future experiences please look through our site pages under the "Limited-time Offers" tab.

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