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Is Taco Bell open on Labor Day 2018?

"Can you believe it’s September already? We’ve already made it to Labor Day 2018. As the last long weekend before Thanksgiving, it’s a time you’ll want to spend with the kids and take a trip out to a fast food joint. Taco Bell is possibly your choice of poison but is it open for the long weekend?

Taco Bell is a definite must this weekend. Nacho Fries are on their way out and the Caramel Apple Freeze is already available. The kids will definitely want to grab some to mark the end of their summer. And you can get them on Labor Day.

Forex-Mind covers the holiday opening times of all fast food joints, restaurants, and coffee shops across the United States and Taco Bell is definitely on the list. Yes, it is open for Labor Day 2018."

Read the full article by Callum Gunn here.

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