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Taco Bell Releases New "Fall Essentials" Collection

Great news! Taco Bell just introduced 11 NEW items to their Taco Shop and two of them have already sold out!

The Taco Bell Taco Shop is an online store where Taco Bell sells official products of all sorts that are open for anyone to buy. They have everything from golf balls to stickers, hot sauce socks to hot sauce garters, t-shirts, hoodies, and much more.

Today Taco Bell released their 'Fall Essentials' collection, which starts with a limited edition sauce packet style bicycle. Only 25 were made so grab yours while supplies last. We then have a baseball shirt, three hoodies, sweatpants, stickers, a baseball hat, and a blanket (pictures at the bottom of the article).

So what about the 2 extra items to make it 11? There were two exclusive custom jackets for sale as well BUT they were each one of a kind. First come, first serve to the lucky Taco Bell fans to arrive on the site first.

These items are all exclusive to the Taco Bell shop where they'll stay, like everything else, for a limited time. As Fall approaches, these are the items to complete your wardrobe.

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