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What Taco Bell is Testing in E10

Within the first week into each new experience we start seeing all the items Taco Bell puts out to test that month. Taco Bell has been seen testing anywhere up to 5 offers in a month but sometimes they don't test any. The average month for the past 3 years is about two items testing per experience. Generally these items have about a 30% chance of going nationwide and if they do it's on average 8 months after they test. This month we've seen three different test items; Stackers, Reaper Ranch Quesarito, and the Toasted Cheese Chalupa Tacos. All of these we have seen parts of before.


Spotted in Statesville, NC, the Stackers are back instead of the Double Chalupa. There is a $5 Stacker Box as well as a new $2 Stacker Duo including a stacker and a medium drink.

What is the stacker? This time is made up of a tortilla, beef, nacho cheese sauce, and three-cheese blend. This item was the LTO for Experience 1 this year and the breakfast stacker came back during E8 and E9.

Reaper Ranch Quesarito

This item was spotted in Southeast Wisconsin around the Milwaukee area.

The Reaper Ranch quesarito is like your normal quesarito except with Reaper Ranch sauce instead of Chipotle. We have seen Taco Bell put twists on the quesarito before like the habanero quesarito and the volcano quesarito. This Reaper Ranch sauce was first seen a couple month ago testing with nacho fries in Ohio. A second test item is a good sign we may see Reaper Ranch in the future nationwide.

Toasted Cheese Chalupa

This is the third time this item is testing. First testing December 2017 in California, then in March of this year in areas of West Virginia. The Chalupa was tested for breakfast with cheddar cheese baked into the shell and is filled with eggs, your choice or bacon or sausage, and nacho cheese. ​

A lunch and dinner version of the item is now testing in Flint, Michigan with beef, sour cream, lettuce, cheese, tomato.​You can order this item for $2.49 or get the $5 box which includes a Toasted Cheese Chalupa, 2 crunchy tacos, and a medium drink.

That's all for today! Tune in tomorrow for a Reddit Recap to see what's been going on in the Reddit community for the past week.

10/25/18 Article Correction: Previously stated this was the second test of the Toasted Cheese Chalupa when this is actually the third test.

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