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Free Daily Code is now available as Boxes Deplete

If you don't already know, during Taco Bell's current promotion every $5 Double Chalupa Box comes with a code to be entered to win a Xbox One X Platinum bundle. There is a winner every 10 minutes from anyone who texts the code in or enters online.

As of 11/12, all Taco Bell distribution centers are depleting of Xbox One X Coded Boxes and your local Taco Bell will go back to the normal boxes. If you do not get a box with a code DO NOT be alarmed. This is normal. At this Taco Bell has begun with their free daily code. The free daily code, listed below, starts on 11/12 oand will continue through the end of the promotion. Visit here for more info on the boxes and free code.


You can text the code to 72823 for a chance to win or play online. This code can be entered once a day for the rest of this promotion.

This promotion ends November 21, 2018.



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