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Taco Bell's New Holiday Collection Includes This Spicy Fire Sauce Onesie

"Although you probably don’t look to Taco Bell for help getting into the holiday spirit, it looks like the giant Chalupa purveyor’s got you covered this year. On Wednesday, the chain unleashed a new holiday merchandise collection to spice up your winter wardrobe... and keep you cozy while you inhale a bag of late-night tacos.

The line of products includes loungewear, ugly -- er, festive -- holiday sweaters, pajamas perfect for the T Bell connoisseur in your life, and more. All of the products are available now on the company’s online store, but they’re expected to sell out fast.

Highlights from the collection include new Tipsy Elves sweaters, one of which has the establishment’s logo printed across the stomach surrounded by tiny tacos (talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve). The others are a bit more subdued, with a taco-decorated Christmas tree and..."

Read the full article by Caitlyn Hitt here.

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