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Yum CEO talks Taco Bell leadership, Pizza Hut delivery problems

"Sizing up the Yum! Brands Inc. portfolio, CEO Greg Creed believes he’s got an unstoppable dream team.

KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell, which have a combined 46,000 restaurants around the world, are leaders in their respective categories.

Taco Bell is a culture-creating brand that raises the bar in every aspect of its business. KFC is a legacy fast-food chain with an authentic history tied to its iconic founder. And, despite its struggles, Pizza Hut is delivering a much-improved food and digital experience to once-frustrated customers.

“I couldn’t be a happier CEO to stand with these brands,” Creed told a group of investors Wednesday during an Investor Day held in New York.

Creed highlighted Yum’s two-year journey to transform the business during the Investor Day meeting..."

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