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Taco Bell's Test Menu Items Include Beefy Potato Flatbread 2 New Nachos Boxes

"The year isn't over yet. Joining the party just in time are three potential additions to the Taco Bell menu. Taco Bell is testing new items in three cities and I'm on my way to Milwaukee, Wisconsin because wait until you hear about these nachos. Time around the impending new year is often filled with excitement, and now also cheese. The only catch is that one item will be available in a single city. Meaning only three cities in the U.S. will have a form of cheesiness bestowed upon them.

On Dec. 27, Taco Bells in three cities will see a new item gracing local menus. The lucky cities are: Cincinnati, Ohio, Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Charlotte, North Carolina. If you're not from the aforementioned areas, perhaps an end-of-year trip is in ~order~? Maybe a Buffalo Chicken Nacho Box is reason enough to move your New Year's Eve celebrations a few states over? All items are $5 and under, packed with value and flavor.

It's never too late in the year to reinvent yourself. Taco Bell knows this. And because of it, three lucky cities get to enjoy a menu make over. For those of us who can't make it to North Carolina in time to check out what Buffalo Chicken Nachos are all about, we can look forward to what the taco chain has in store for the new year. And drool over — I mean, be inspired by — their descriptions below.

If you're located in Cincinnati, Ohio prepare to welcome the Beefy Potato Flatbread to your local menu. Priced at $1, the flatbread..."

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