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Vegetarians Could Flock to Taco Bell in 2019

"One of the less-publicized facts about Taco Bell’s menu is that it’s actually vegetarian friendly. The YUM! Brands’ chain even has a section of its site that guides consumers through going meatless. Business Insider, this past October, ranked Taco Bell’s vegan offerings, which isn’t exactly a common practice in the fast-food lexicon. In fact, Taco Bell is the only American Vegetarian Association-certified quick-serve in the country. But is this a widely known point of differentiation among consumers?

In 2019, Taco Bell wants to peel back the plant-forward curtain.

The brand announced Thursday seven commitments, or resolutions, for this coming year. Among them: An upcoming test of Taco Bell’s first dedicated vegetarian menu in stores, as well as new featured vegetarian items. Currently, Taco Bell has more than 8 million vegetarian combinations, it said. That means guests can customize a new meal, every day for nearly 20,000 years. Taco Bell said it wants to become a more accessible option for vegetarians and flexitarians overall. And expects to launch campaigns and menu items around everything that entails. For a brand that historically fronts the product innovation space, driving forward in this underserved category could open doors during what promises to be another change-filled year."

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