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Taco Bell Is Now Selling 4 Shredded Cheese Blends In Stores

"Taco Bell decided to become more than a restaurant in the last couple of years: It became a lifestyle brand, complete with clothes and Fire Sauce chips. But the truth is, T-Bell was always more than a fast-food place. If the phrase Beefy Gordita Crunch doesn't stir your blood as much as Rilke's, "You must change your life," you may not have a pulse.

If the name of that fast-food item does inspire you, then we have some great news: Taco Bell is selling new cheeses for you to use at home to complete the life-wide Taco Bell saturation that is your destiny. The shredded cheese comes in four flavors: Zesty Ranch, Salsa Verde, 7-Layer Blend, and Breakfast Fiesta."

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