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Become the Human Burrito You Were Born to Be With This Taco Bell Wrapper Blanket

"If there’s one food we can all aspire to be some day, it’s a burrito. Think about it: Burritos are well-put together, they’re packed with great attributes (like cheese), and they’re universally loved and respected. Burritos set an example we all should follow. Now, you can take one step closer to becoming the burrito you’re meant to be with a new burrito wrapper blanket from Taco Bell.

The ultra plush blanket, which is unsurprisingly sold out at the moment, looks exactly like a Taco Bell wrapper, down to the order details. So you can swaddle yourself and imagine you’re a warm, toasty burrito filled with whatever you like. The blanket measures 50 x 60 inches, so while it may not fit your entire body inside, you’ll get enough of yourself in there to catch the cozy vibe. Maybe you can use it as a cape on your next late-night T-Bell run. Or maybe it’s the oversized bib you’ve always needed to more elegantly feast on a tray of burritos, Crunchwraps, and Chalupas, though we assume any resulting Fire Sauce stains probably won’t come out."

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