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“Simplifying the menu” is continuing in Experience 4

The information I’m about to share is information Taco Bell sends out to it’s stores and these items are listed as being deleted off the menu/POS system/order screens. Even though an item is listed here, it’s possible there will still be ways to order these items. So let’s just jump right into it:

  • Pintos and Cheese

  • Side of Rice (I already know there’s a different way to ring this up if someone just wanted a side of rice)

  • Black Bean Burrito

  • Gordita Supreme Beef

  • Gordita Supreme Chicken

  • Gordita Supreme Steak

  • Meximelt

  • Beef Enchirito

  • Chicken Enchirito

  • Steak Enchirito

These items seem like they would be some of the least popular items.

They add onto the ongoing list of removals including the Meal Deals, Combo Burrito, Cheesy Potato Burrito, and more.

We’ve seen the Cool Ranch and Fiery DLT’s along with the Double Decker Taco be taken away from a major franchisee in Texas. During this upcoming experience certain items will be taken off the menu in Detroit area stores - both the Caramel Apple Empanada and Beefy Mini Quesadilla are on that list.

What do you think of these changes? How do you feel about narrowing the menu down? We’ve heard there’ll be a testing vegetarian menu later this year, are these removals to make way for that? How small or large or a menu do you prefer compared to other fast food restaurants?

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