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Taco Bell Just Unleashed a New $1 Taco Stuffed With Nachos

"Taco Bell knows how to play to the hits, and that's a real strength. Sure, occasionally it throws Kit-Kats into a quesadilla, but that's still a quesadilla. And yes, unveiling a half-pound meat boat was pretty extreme, but it was still just meat and cheese.

Here's the latest example of that commendable mindset: the $1 Loaded Nacho Taco. As you probably deduced from the name, it's a taco that's stuffed with nachos and costs a single dollar. As for what's in it, it's a flour tortilla filled with nacho cheese, lettuce, cheddar cheese, and mini Southwest Seasoned Chips. We know those chips have lime, tomato, and garlic seasoning, but it's unclear whether they'll stab you in the mouth every single time you take a bite."

Read the full article by James Chrisman here.

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