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Taco Bell pens open letter pushing fans to take down Taco Tuesday

"With the new advertising effort that encourages a rebellion against the calendar "inequality" and "bias" of Taco Tuesday, Taco Bell pokes fun at the socially and politically charged brand campaigns that are a hot industry trend at the moment. Taco Tuesday is a custom, whose origins are unclear, of going out to eat tacos or other Mexican food on Tuesdays, with restaurants often offering promotions on these days to lure in diners. In a press statement, Global Chief Brand Officer Marisa Thalberg said "it's time to challenge societal norms and for our fans and their friends to feel empowered to enjoy tacos without limits" in what reads as a riff on the lofty language more marketers are deploying to make an emotional connection with audiences that feel connected to causes, like millennials and Gen Z.

The Party Pack deal, reminiscent of the types of promotions that other Mexican dining brands run for Taco Tuesday, shows Taco Bell angling to drive more business through its online and mobile app offerings. The brand has put a sharper focus on building out a mobile and digital ordering business to keep up in a quickly evolving fast food category and reach tech-savvy and convenience-focused younger consumers."

Read the full article by Peter Adams here.

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