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Taco Bell’s Summer 2019 Taco Shop Merchandise Collection Will Spice Up Your Beach Days

"If you believe that celebrating your love of tacos shouldn't be limited to just Tuesdays, you're going to want to shop Taco Bell’s summer 2019 Taco Shop merchandise collection for on-theme apparel and accessories you can rock any day of the week. From pool floaties, bikinis, and beach towels modeled after your favorite hot sauce packets to some seriously ~fire~ portable chargers and speakers, there's everything you need to make your summertime pool days a total fiesta. One thing's for certain: Living mas this patio season has never been so easy (or so 'Gram-worthy).

Starting on Thursday, May 2, the Tex-Mex chain is heating things up with a summer 2019 collection coming to the Taco Shop — like, literally. Much of the newest collection is modeled off of the chain's different hot sauce packets, and I'm so here for it. If you're a T-Bell stan and you haven't checked out the Taco Shop yet, you're missing out and you should remedy that situation ASAP.

IMHO, the Taco Shop is a veritable treasure trove of taco-inspired gear, including everything from hot sauce-printed garters, bowties, and champagne glasses (you know, just in case you're trying to bring your love of the chain to your Bachelorette party or wedding) as well as on-theme smartphone cases, Taco Every Day apparel, and so much more."

Read the full article by Lara Walsh here.

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