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What It Is Like To Get Married At Taco Bell

"When you think of your dream wedding venue is it a romantic castle in Scotland? Or maybe a sandy beach that lays adjacent to perfectly turquoise water in Mexico? Perhaps it’s a rustic barn in the countryside or a stunning church rife with stained glass? What about the chapel on the second floor of the Taco Bell on the Las Vegas strip?

For newlyweds Erik and Breanna Peterson, and several dozen other couples, it turned out to be that last option. The fast food chain, most known for its ability to marry powdered Doritoswith taco shells, is now officially in the business of marrying people -- and it’s proving to be super popular. Taco Bell opened its chapel at its flagship Cantina in the summer of 2017, and since then, over 60 couples have been married within its blessed doors. The chapel is booked nearly every week, and there are already reservations well into 2020, according to a Taco Bell spokesperson.

While it might seem like just another marketing stunt from the fast food chain, Taco Bell takes its job as a wedding venue shockingly seriously. The restaurant was inspired by fans who incorporated the brand’s famous sauce packets into the wedding proposals and decided to make Taco Bell weddings an actual reality. All of the weddings are held in the chapel, an elegant rectangular room located toward the back of the two-level Cantina in the heart of the strip.

While the downstairs level features a giant multihued wall of frozen boozy slushes and the noise of rowdy strip-goers, the chapel upstairs is unexpectedly zen. The room, which seats 25, features a large laser-cut metal cutout of wedding bells made out of Taco Bell’s iconic logo, which is softly -- one might even say, romantically -- backlit. There are leather tufted benches for seating. The light fixtures look straight out of a West Elm showroom.

The chapel is unsurprisingly high tech -- there are two giant screens on each side showing the wedding ceremony for anyone having a hard time seeing it (or capturing it on social media), and nearly each seat has easy access to an outlet, lest your phone dies while trying to upload the wedding to your Instagram stories. The Taco Bell wedding package also includes an experienced officiant who works under the name of Flora Pop, who has performed hundreds of weddings through her own mobile wedding business that she runs out of Las Vegas. You will find no Elvis impersonators here."

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