• tacobellblake

Update to our Website

We are about two weeks away from celebrating our two year anniversary and have a special early update to release. The new change comes to our Limited-Time Offer Archive which is where we store information on previous items that Taco Bell has released. In the past, this page on our site has been a PDF that lists the dates and names of items released for the past 5-6 years.

Before we continue, let me give an explanation of what we're talking about. Limited time offers are a part of each Taco Bell "Experience". Taco Bell releases around 10 "Experiences" per year, each one with new items, limited offers and special releases. These experiences average 4-6 weeks each.

After about three weeks of editing and adding to the site we have made a new interactive page to go back and read about every experience from 2013 to the present. Now, from the menu where you see the Limited-time Offers tab you can choose "Limited-time Offer Archive". From here you will find a page with each year listed on it.

When you select a year it will take you to the page for that year. On the page you will find dates, descriptions, and pictures of every experience Taco Bell has released during that year. Many descriptions will include links for more information on the item.

This page was built to remember the past items we have all enjoyed and to be a reference point when discussing Taco Bell items and history with other people. Suggestions are always welcome and I hope these new pages are of much use. To get started, click here to view this new page.