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"T-Mobile and Taco Bell opened their co-branded “T-MoBell” stores in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles on Tuesday this week.

Attendees at the three-day event were given free “T-MoBell” swag, tacos and “T-MoBell Freeze” slushies that were created just for the stores.

The stores, which were announced only last week, are decked out with plenty of T-Mobile and Taco Bell branding in T-Mobile's signature magenta. They are an extension of T-Mobile’s rewards program campaign with Taco Bell that first began with ads during the Super Bowl. Since then, T-Mobile has been giving away free Taco Bell tacos to users of its T-Mobile Tuesdays app. T-Mobile has partnered with a number of other companies as well, giving away things like MLB games, Live Nation concerts and Samsung phones every Tuesday."

Read the full article by Ilyse Liffreing here.

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