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Taco Bell “debuts” same vegetarian menu we’ve ordered from for years

"I would venture a guess that over 90% of American vegetarians have eaten at least one 7-layer burrito from Taco Bell in their lifetime, a menu item that should be considered as iconic as the Big Mac or that chicken sandwich. For decades Taco Bell was just about the only fast food restaurant where you could grab a decent meat-free meal, back before every drive-thru served up a fake-beef patty between two buns. Taco Bell has had a vegetarian option on the menu since the day they opened (hola frijoles!), and is currently only quick-service restaurant to offer menu items that have been certified by the American Vegetarian Association. Now they’re about to remind all you herbivores out there about something called brand loyalty with their “new” vegetarian menu."

Read the full article by Allison Robicelli here.

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