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Taco Bell Released Halloween Costumes That Will Make You And Your Squad Look Fire

"Halloween is quite a bit away but let's be real here...the same thing happens every year. You're going wait until the last minute and then panic. Well this year, that doesn't need to happen because Taco Bell has you and your loved ones covered with some seriously iconic Halloween costumes inspired by classic menu items.

People have DIY'd their own Taco Bell-inspired Halloween costumes for a long time, but this year, the chain released a legit costume collection featuring outfits that you can rock alone or in a group. Each of Taco Bell's hot sauces—hot, fire, verde, and diablo—are represented, both in tunic and dress form. That means you can be a Fire Sauce all on your own or get the whole group involved and complete the set.

In addition to the hot sauce outfits, you can also don a Cheesy Gordita Crunch Tunic, which sounds like quite possibly the most comfortable costume on Earth. Pairing the Gordita with a hot sauce sounds like an excellent couples costume, BTW!"

Read the full article by Kristin Salaky here.

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