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Taco Bell's Two New Freezes for Fall 2019

Fall is here and Taco Bell is cooling things down with two new freezes available now!

The first new freeze of the season is the Baja Blast Birthday Freeze.

Happy Birthday Baja Blast! The cult classic drink that has become Taco Bell’s most iconic beverage is turning 15. Fans nationwide can join in celebrating with the Baja Blast Birthday Freeze, now available. Originally served at The Bell Hotel in August, this exclusive freeze is the Baja Blast Freeze with small colored candies giving the affect of a confetti explosion you can sip right up.

Baja Blast, a proprietary beverage exclusive to Taco Bell launched in 2004 and averages around 300 million pours annually. The vibrant blue-green soda of tropical lime flavors was created in partnership with PepsiCo® and made to pair perfectly with the flavors of Taco Bell. The Baja Blast Birthday Freeze will be available in a regular size for $2.39 or a large for $2.59. Stop by any participating Taco Bell during Happier Hour, daily between 2-5 p.m. to receive a regular sized freeze for just $1. Now available at participating locations while supplies last.

The second new freeze is the Sour Strawberry Skittles Freeze.

Candy lovers everywhere will be thrilled to hear the SOUR STRAWBERRY SKITTLES® FREEZE has made its way to Taco Bells nationwide. This frozen treat takes the favorited SKITTLES® STRAWBERRY FREEZE, originally launched in 2018, and amplifies it with a pump of sour green syrup giving you both the sour and sweet flavors of a sour Skittle.

The SOUR STRAWBERRY SKITTLES® FREEZE is available in a regular size for $2.39, a large for $2.59, and $1 during Happier Hour. The freeze is now available through mid-December.

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