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Taco Bell to add Crispy Tortilla Chicken strips to menu amid Popeyes' Chicken Sandwich popularit

"Move over Popeyes, there’s a new fried chicken offering in town, and it’s from Taco Bell.

The megachain known for tacos and burritos – and, recently, for pureed chicken taquitos – has announced its latest out-of-the-box culinary innovation: the chicken strip.

The new Crispy Tortilla Chicken menu item, which the brand describes as “the ultimate Taco Bell twist” on a classic, features all-white-meat chicken dunked in a jalapeno buttermilk marinade before being breaded with a “crunchy tortilla chip coating.”

The strips are then served with the chain’s “new signature dipping sauce” — the flavor of which was not immediately shared in a press release, but appears to be an orangey sauce akin to nacho cheese. (A similar sauce was provided with the chain's Naked Chicken Chips – a.k.a chicken nuggets – upon that item's debut.)"

Read the full article by Alexandra Deabler here.

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