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EV charging scheme raises $6.2 million in funding, coming to 70 Taco Bell locations

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Article via electrek

"It’s been a big week for Taco Bell fans who don’t want to admit they’re Taco Bell fans. Just days after the restaurant chain announced a first-of-its-kind taco subscription service, EV charging startup ChargeNet announced plans to bring a comprehensive charging solution to one of the restaurant’s south San Francisco locations later this month.

ChargeNet bills itself as a software startup that brings together EV fast chargers, on-site battery storage, solar power, and a payment platform in a footprint that’s designed to be “dropped” into existing fast-food restaurant parking lots. Once up and running, the company claims customers will be able to add about 100 miles of driving range in about 15 minutes and for under $10.

The announced $6.2 million funding will be used to being building the first of ChargeNet’s solar-powered charging stations in a San Francisco Taco Bell, as well as to hire employees and kickstart the company’s early growth strategies."

Read the full article by Jo Borras here.

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