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Inside "Taco Bell Quarterly," the seriously delicious literary magazine honoring the fast food chain

Article via Salon

"The literary world has a reputation for being a little bit stuffy (dare we say, pretentious?) sometimes, but a new publication is subverting the status quo. Taco Bell Quarterly, which launched earlier this year, is exactly what it sounds like: a literary magazine dedicated to writing about or featuring the fast-food chain. 

Per their website, "Taco Bell Quarterly is the literary magazine for the Taco Bell Arts and Letters. We're a reaction against everything. The gatekeepers. The taste-makers. The hipsters. Health food. Artists Who Wear Cute Scarves. Bitch-ass Wendy's. We seek to demystify what it means to be literary, artistic, important, and elite." 

Salon spoke with the publication's Editor Grande Supreme, M.M. Carrigan, about how Taco Bell Quarterly came to be, what's next for the magazine and why their Twitter feed is dominated by photos of summer sausages."

Read the full article by Ashlie D. Stevens here.

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