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Introducing: Living Más Content Creators

One of our goals to start the new year was to bring in more community focus to the website and our social media outlets - our first measure of action is with our new "Content Creators" page under our "Community" tab. Taco Bell fuels all of us to Live Más, and this new support system shows off some of our members who go above and beyond, showing the world their appreciation for the brand and food we love.

Everyone featured on this page are community members who create awesome Taco Bell related content, and the users specified as 'Bellgrande Creators' are those who are partnering up with us to do something a little more. We're launching with 2 creators featured on this page, and opening up opportunities for more to join as well.

Our creator launching as a 'Supreme Creator' is 'Yo Quiero Taco Ballads', who is making songs from Taco Bell receipts, trying new items, and so much more - this Taco Bell musical madman takes Instagram by storm with mind-blowing songs & videos ALL about the Bell.

Our creator launching as a 'Bellgrande Creator' is the 'Taco Bell Sommelier', Tarun is pairing wine with all your favorite Taco Bell items and limited-time offers. Providing high-quality content on Instagram, you do not want to miss a single post. With a passion for food photography and experience in writing, in his Bellgrande position, he will be writing monthly articles releasing the 3rd Thursday of every month, shared right here on - first one being published this afternoon.

Please go give both these creators a 'follow' on Instagram and welcome them to the Living Más family! You'll find them active as well on both our subreddit and Discord server.

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