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Learn How to Make Taco Bell Potatoes Because They Will Soon Be Gone

Article via lifehacker

"I’m not vegetarian, but my Taco Bell order is. I always get a quesarito (no beef, add beans, add potatoes), a spicy potato soft taco, and a cheesy potato burrito (no beef, add beans). Other items come and go, but these three are forever—well, until August 13th, when every single one will be discontinued.

According to a July 17th press release, the pending menu revamp will “leave room for new fan favorites” and “continued progress in categories such as plant-based diets,” both of which are cool, I guess. But Taco Bell’s potatoes are so universally beloved that discontinuing them feels intentionally spiteful—especially for vegans and vegetarians, whose fast food options are severely limited outside of the Bell. Whatever slick new meatless options we have to look forward to, they’ll never replace a bowl of salty, squishy, greasy potatoes doused in liquid cheese and sour cream.

Thankfully, making Taco Bell potatoes at home is easy: All you need are regular russet potatoes, oil, and a simple seasoning blend. While researching this recipe, I learned that the secret to Taco Bell’s seasoning isn’t MSG or cumin—although those are definitely present—but flour. A little bit of all-purpose flour adds a hint of crunch to their fried potatoes, which is desperately needed amongst the squish. (It also helps their ground beef thicken into that signature slurry-like consistency, but we’re not talking about that right now.)"

Read the full article and recipe by A.A. Newton here.

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