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Pizza Hut closes 672 units while Taco Bell drive-thru sales lift Yum Brands in Q3

Article via Nation's Restaurant News

"Digital sales at all brands lifted Yum Brands for the quarter. The company reported a 2% decline in global same-stores sales for its three core brands with Taco Bell posting a 3% gain.

Taco Bell’s turnaround is significant given that the brand, its best performer prior to the pandemic, had struggled at the start of the crisis.

Now, the chain is back firing on all cylinders, having returned breakfast to the menu at most stores, trimmed the menu and added more value offerings. That’s led to drive-thru demand. Taco Bell drive-thrus served 30 million more cars during the quarter.

Taco Bell, which has eliminated several menu items over the past year, has improved wait times at the drive thru. The brand is about 17 seconds faster compared to last year. "

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