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Bell is Life: Quesarito Box Review



"Quesarito Box"


The $5 Quesarito Box is deliciousness. It comes with a quesarito, a DLT, a regular taco, and a medium drink. I subbed my Steak Quesarito in for the Shredded Chicken just out of preference -Advice change the name of this deal to just a quesarito box, more people will dig-. The inclusion of the extra taco instead of a 5 layer burrito adds value and makes sense in this context. Still, I believe the Craving’s Deal is still king (see chips and cheese and cheesy gordita crunch). The Xbox One X promotion has been a disappointment unfortunately. I have got 3 boxes from Taco Bell and 2 have had the codes already used. Regardless, the Quesartio Box is still fantastic and is a good choice for cost conscious variety.

Quesarito Box from Taco Bell

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