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See Taco Bell's new floating restaurant that delivers tacos from the sky

Article via CTV News

"Taco Bell's newest location ditches the dining room and has four drive-thru lanes instead.

The first-of-its-kind concept, called "Taco Bell Defy," opened Tuesday in a Minneapolis suburb and is aimed at "redefining drive-thrus as consumers know it," the chain said. Customers will notice that the kitchen is on top of the two-storey building and orders are delivered via a "vertical lift" to their cars.

"For decades we've been committed to providing a fast, safe and friendly drive-thru experience," said Taco Bell president Mike Grams in a statement. "Now with our bold goal of creating a two minute or less drive-thru experience for customers of this concept, Taco Bell Defy is the future."

Another advantage, according to Taco Bell, is reducing the amount of time customers spend in the drive thru. A 2021 survey from QSR magazine said that a Taco Bell order takes an average of 268 seconds, or about 4.5 minutes, to complete. With Defy, the chain is looking to shorten the process to 2 minutes or less thanks to the multiple drive-thru lanes."

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