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Taco Bell Has New Testing Processes In Place...Ready To Put ‘Meaningful’ Products Back On The Menu

Article via Forbes

"Taco Bell was one of many chains that trimmed its menu during the COVID-19 crisis. Such a move streamlined operations for kitchens pressured by an abrupt shift to an entirely-off-premise environment. 

For Taco Bell, it also helped boost store margins and speed of service, as reported during parent company Yum Brands’ Q2 earnings report last week

The challenge, however, is that plenty of consumers have expressed their discontent about items on the chopping block. 

Perhaps as a nod of encouragement, Heather Mottershaw, Taco Bell’s vice president of Product Development, insists the reduction is simply “phase one” of a “menu evolution,” and that we’ll see plenty of new innovation from Taco Bell sooner than later. 

“We need to make sure right now that we are giving consumers what they want and that they’re getting it through the drive-thru. In order to do that, slimming down and streamlining operations really enables a quicker, speedier experience for consumers,” said Mottershaw, who has been with the brand for 18 years. “But this is phase one. What this also does is, when the time’s right and consumers are ready, it allows us to build out new options and new innovations.” "

Read the full article by Alicia Kelso here.

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