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Taco Bell Is Making Its Monthly Taco Subscription Permanent

Article via Comicbook

"The Taco Lover's Pass is here to stay. Tuesday, Taco Bell announced that after a successful one-month trial run, the beloved fast-food chain is now opting to make the monthly taco subscription service a permanent offering. According to the company, fans that subscribed to the pass visited the restaurant three times as many times throughout the month as those who didn't have a subscription.

16-percent of those who subscribed to the service initially opted to renew for a second month. Though exact numbers weren't provided by Taco Bell, that alone was enough to make the pass a permanent item through to Taco Bell app. Furthermore, Taco Bell said those on the West Coast accounted for a total of one-third of all Taco Lover's Pass sign-ups."

Read the full article by Adam Barnhardt here.

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