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Taco Bell Is Selling An All-Purpose Seasoning That Will Make Anything You Eat Taste Amazing

Article via delish

"If we could, we would make everything taste as if it came from Taco Bell. Whether it's tacos, quesadillas, dessert, or drinks, if it comes from the fast-food chain, we will eat it and we will love it! But since we can't always get to a Taco Bell, the chain has kindly graced us with a set of new seasoning mixes that are the next best things.

People have spotted these new all-purpose seasonings hitting grocery store shelves around the country recently. They come in two different flavors—mild and hot—and are sold in giant shakers that will give you the perfect amount of flavor every single time. And while Taco Bell already has taco seasoning out there that gets rave reviews, these new products are slightly different. They're meant to put on everything you could ever want from yes, tacos to popcorn to pizza to chicken and everything in between. The result is a classic Taco Bell flavor you know and love but on literally everything you eat. We're already dreaming up some creations to make with these seasoning blends and we're sure you are now too!

So far we've spotted these seasonings for sale online at stores like Meijer, Foodland, Phelps Market, and more, so they should be making their way to a retail location near you soon enough. In the meantime...there's always the drive-thru? Oooo, what if you got a Taco Bell taco and added this seasoning on top? Woahhh..."

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