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Taco Bell Nacho Fries are back and caught in a time loop

Article via Nation's Restaurant News

"It’s 2018 and Taco Bell launched Nacho Fries for the first time — what will become its best-selling limited-time offer ever — and the chain will sell 53 million orders in first five weeks.

Actually, no. Though that was true in 2018, when Taco Bell really first launched the spice-dusted Nacho Fries. We’re just stuck in a time loop, in the style of the movies “Groundhog Day” or “Palm Springs.”

It’s true that Nacho Fries are back, starting March 10. As is tradition for the Irvine, Calif.-based chain, Nacho Fries are being promoted with a faux movie trailer. This year, Taco Bell crowd-sourced ideas for the trailer on Twitter via the hashtag #FriesChallenge, which prompted the time loop story line."

Read the full article by Lisa Jennings here.

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